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Gala Launch at the Emirates Palace

Abu Dhabi. The seven-star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi hosted a VIP launch event for the world premiere of its exclusive music CD from Airtime Dubai. VIPs from the Emirates were invited to the Gala Event, where Emirates Palace General Manager announced the release of the CD in the luxurious auditorium. Airtime CEO Jay Tuck emceed the event which featured Hamburg composer J├╝rgen Spiegel and Moroccan Poet Khalid Hajji.

Two television camera crews recorded the event for a music video of “Dubai Nights, Volume One”. The video, filmed in high-definition format, is scheduled for broadcast in Europe and USA when the CD is released there.






Airtime would like to express its very special thanks to the Abu Dhabi Folklore and Theater Society for its support in providing authentic Emirate dancers and singers for the event.

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