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Placement of TV Commercials                                                                               Helping Networks bring in the Revenues

Airtime can sell your Airtime



Broadcasting specialists at Airtime Dubai are happy to consult your European, Asian or American advertisers on public relations opportunities in the Region, as well as on the political, religious and cultural sensitivities. Airtime Dubai can assure that commercial messages will be properly targeted and properly understood.


Rate Cards

Our experienced media market analysts will evaluate the market value of your audiences and assist your network in the pricing and placement of commercial airtime on your broadcasts. We will calculate and create your network rate cards for any broadcast situation. We will also suggest special deals, package rates, rebates and other sales techniques to maximize your revenues.

When the Al-Jazeera Sports Channel in Doha was launched, the very first commercial contract was handled by Airtime Dubai. The major breakthrough contract deal was closed for Al-Jazeera with prestigious advertiser Adidas for TV commercials featuring British soccer star David Beckham.


Airtime Dubai will act as your network sales representative, offering your airtime to prestigious advertising customers in Europe, the USA and around the world. The experienced sales staff at Airtime Dubai is happy to assist your clients and their media buyers on the selection of appropriate media platforms or broadcast slots for their products. As your agent, we will create sales materials and aggressively pursue advertisers in the EU, the USA and Asia. Airtime will negotiate your sales, slot your timings, manage your flow of video cassettes, trace your broadcast minutes and invoice your clients. Inquire. And let us do the work!