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"Nobel Laureates in Lindau"
Annual Report 2009

The 30-minute Airtime Special broadcast on our weekly technology TV magazine was featured in the Annual Report of the Nobel Laureates.

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"Business Pioneer" about our High-Tech magazine An Kathab
(December 2008)

Business Pioneer magazine is a leading Arabic-language business publication in the GCC region. In this issue, they report on Airtime's High-Tech magazine An Kathab.

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"Essentials" (Alster Business Club, Hamburg) on Speech by Jay Tuck, CEO Airtime Dubai
(September 2008)

The CEO and founder of Airtime Dubai was welcomed by the prestigious Alster Business Club, where he was invited to join. Tuck addressed the business leaders on chances and opportunities for North German high-tech companies in the Gulf Region.

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"Sonntagsanzeiger Norderstedt" (North German Local Newspaper) reports on Jay Tuck Membership at Alster Business Club
(August 2008)

In their August issue the newspaper covers the new membership of Jay Tuck at the Alster Business Club and his lecture on business opportunities in Dubai.    

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"Gate" (official magazine of the German Chamber of Commerce, UAE) reports on Success of Airtime Dubai Ltd. and TV-Show  An Kathab 
(July 2008)

In this issue the German Chamber of Commerce in Dubai covers the production of high-tech magazine An Kathab broadcast weekly on Al Jazeera News Channel.

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"Gate" (offizielle Zeitschrift der Aussenhandelskammer in Dubai)  berichtet über Airtime Dubai Ltd. und ihre TV-Sendung  An Kathab 
(July 2008)

In dieser Ausgabe berichtet die Außenhandelskammer der Bundesrepublik Deutschland über die Erfolge von Airtime Dubai Ltd und über ihre High-Tech TV-Sendung An Kathab auf Al-Jazeera.

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"Technical" web magazine about Jay Tuck's speech during press conference at Dubai Press Club
(April 2008)

"Technical" is the leading Arabic web based magazine, reporting only about technological and scientific news. In this issue, they cover the speech of Jay Tuck during a press conference at the Dubai Press Club.

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"Messe Zeitung" (Official magazine CeBIT Exhibit, Hanover, Germany)
(March 2007)

In their 2007 issue of CeBIT, the official exhibiters magazine runs an in-depth report of the special live broadcast of An Kathab.      

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"Neue Rundschau" Heidelberg about the production of An Kathab
(December 2006)

In this issue, reporters cover the local work of Douglas Film in Bammental, Germany, on the  High-Tech magazine An Kathab.

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