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Science & Technology,
too often ignored by mainstream media,
are redefining the laws of nature.

Understanding Tomorrow

- A High-Tech News Magazine, a half-hour of Visionary Reporting -

... captures the excitement of cutting-edge high-technology
... examines the urgent issues that are changing our lives
... explains them in terms a General Audience will understand


Airtime Dubai is producer of the weekly high-tech program            , aired weekly to over 30 million viewers in the Arab Region. This 30-minute technology magazine specializes in the latest developments in science and technology.


Now available for global licensing

Each week, a new 30-minute segment highlights 5 to 6 reports on innovation in science & technology. They include computer graphics & animation understandable for a wide general audience. They project the changes innovations could bring to our daily lives, how we will live together, how we will work together. The segments are anchored by young Arabic professionals. The program targets a young global audience.