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Zayed - The Life and the Legend

Abu Dhabi. A major historical documentary on the early years of Abu Dhabi was recently aired on the German television networks 3sat and ZDF in December 2013. The 45-minute feature will soon be broadcast in Arabic on the National Geographic Channel. Airtime Dubai filmed in the deserts of Liwa, the open waters of the Arabian Gulf and in the private homes of some of the country's most influential citizens. Many Emiratis who today are billionaires spent their childhood in extreme poverty in a country without streets, medical doctors, running water or electricity. The 45-minute film includes their exclusive eye-witness accounts, historical reenactments and never-seen-before archive film from the time.

A follow-up project, the full-length cinema action film "Zayed" on the life and legend of the UAE founder, is currently in preparation. 


Filming Killer Drones for German Television
Exclusive Video from US Air Force Base

Holloman AFB, New Mexico. Airtime has just completed filming at this strategic airbase in the US southwest, where pilots and sensor operators are trained for global military drone operations. After extensive security clearances, Jay Tuck and his crew  were granted exclusive access of the Predator and MQ9 Reaper air vehicles, workhorses of US  global warfare with drones. Top US cinematographer Stuart Penny did the filming, using jibs, steady-cam and sliders to dramatic effect. This exclusive footage of US drones is available through Agenda Media in Hamburg.
Unmanned aircraft have revolutionized military strategy by targeting individual leaders, instead of entire countries. This reduces pilot risks and cuts civilian casualties while shrinking the battlefield to a few square yards. Often run by intelligence services, drone missions can avoid constitutional control, international law and the Geneva Accords.


Jay Tuck speaks to German Association of Women Entrepreneurs
The Role of Women in the Arab Spring

Hamburg. Airtime CEO Jay Tuck was invited to speak at the bi-monthly membership dinner of the German Association of Women Entrepreneurs (Verband Deutscher Unternehmerinnen) held at Hamburgs Vierjahreszeiten Hotel "Four Seasons". His subject, a critical look at the role of women in the Arab Spring, covered many sensitive issues and was followed with intense interest in the question-and-answer session following his talk. Tuck, who has many years of media experience in the Region, is regarded in Germany as an expert on the Arab Spring and its consequences for the Arab World.



Airtime Filming at the New York Mercantile Exchange
Producing for German Network

New York. Contracted for a New York shoot by a major German television network, Airtime just completed a day of filming at the New York Mercantile Exchange, where options and futures on the world's oil markets are traded. Agenda included interviews with two top traders, Jeff Grossmlo,,,an, President of BRG Brokerage (pictured left) and Anthony Grisanti, President of GRZ Energy. The footage was contracted by Agenda Media of Germany for broadcast on ZDF Television in a double-segment 90-minute documentary on global oil supplies.


Airtime Documentary nominated for Federal Award
"Al-Jazeera and the Arab Uprising"

Berlin. The Federal Ministry for Development in Berlin has announced its nomination of the Airtime documentary "Al-Jazeera and the Arab Uprising" for the 2011 Media Award. The Gala Ceremony will be held in Berlin on 26 April 2012. The 45-minute documentary, produced and directed by Airtime CEO Jay Tuck, was filmed at the height of the Arab Uprising. Airtime cinematographers were granted exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into this powerful Middle East broadcaster and their perspective on the uprisings sweeping the Middle East.

"Al-Jazeera and the Arab Uprising" was originally broadcast on the German News Channel N24. It is now in international distribution.
(click to view trailer)



Silver Globe for Gulf Air Image Film
Airtime honored at World Media Festival Hamburg.

The Airtime Dubai production "Welcome to the Skies" has been chosen for the Silver Globe, a prestigious media prize awarded annually by the World Media Festival. The image video, produced for Gulf Air, was selected as prize-winner in the category "Public Relations". The prestigious airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain is using the video for corporate presentations at air shows and travel exhibitions, as well as in-flight viewing. The video was produced and directed by Jay Tuck with cameraman Martin Schneider-Hillen and post-production by Lili Hohlweg of Behind-the-Scene in Munich.

World Media Festival Awards are one of the world's highest honors in visual competition. "Welcome to the Skies" was selected among 550 entries from 32 nations around the world.



Airtime lands Surprise Top-Seller
"Dubai Nights" CD at Virgin Megastores in the Middle EastDubai.

Airtime Records has landed a surprise top-seller in the Middle East with the hit CD "Dubai Nights, Volume One". Recorded with local musicians in Dubai's Jawaher Studios, the Bedouin recording sessions were re-mixed and re-mastered by award-winning composer Jürgen Spiegel, creating popular songs that combine the cultures of both musical worlds.

Originally, the musicians played work songs, desert chants and lullabies on traditional Arab instruments like Nai, Oud and Qanun.  

The recordings were then turned over to Jürgen Spiegel, who has won Germany's most prestigious music award, the "Echo". Launch party was held in Abu Dhabi at the Emirates Palace.




TV Special on High-Tech Warships
Abu Dhabi Ship Building

Abu Dhabi. Five camera crews were flown into the UAE from Germany for this major production at Abu Dhabi Ship Building. The locally-owned shipyard is leading producer of Navy warships for the Region. The Airtime production included a thirty-minute television special for the weekly technology magazine An-Kathab ( عن كثب  ) on Al Jazeera. The program features the latest vessel built for the UAE navy, the Baynunah Corvette. This was the first vessel of its class to be produced entirely in Abu Dhabi and was launched to coincide with the international defense exhibit IDEX.

The Airtime team, including prize-winning cinematographer Martin Schneider-Hillen and Al-Jazeera anchor Maissun Melhem, spent nearly four weeks on site at Abu Dhabi Ship Building. "This was a major production for us", says Airtime CEO Jay Tuck. "We were honored to work for Abu Dhabi Ship Building and Mubadala"



20 Years after the Gulf War
Reunion of TV Combat Correspondents

Hamburg. on January 30, 1991 ARD German Television broadcast the first correspondent report by Jay Tuck and his camera team from the Gulf War combat zone.

Along with cameraman Jörn Schulz and camera assistant Christian Henkensiefken, Tuck produced a total of 63 television and radio reports during the conflict.

The three men eye-witnessed the three most important events of the war, including the scud attack on Dahran (which killed 43 Americans), the liberation of Kuwait City and the surrender of the Iraq Army. Tuck, Schulz and Henkensiefken met in Hamburg on January 30, 2011 - twenty years after the conflict - for a thoughtful reunion.


Airtime on 3D Tour of Middle East
Companies & Governments fascinated

Abu Dhabi. Airtime Dubai is currently touring the Gulf Region of the Middle East with a high-tech demonstration of the latest 3D video technology. Interest among local companies and governments was high, Airtime CEO Jay Tuck reports. Most questions centered around the need for 3D glasses and the opportunities to use this hot new PR tool for promotion.







Airtime organizes Journalist Trip
Government Conference in Morocco

Agadir. Airtime Dubai was asked by the government of Morocco to organize a high-level press junket from Germany to their international Human Resources Conference in Agadir. Attended by NGOs, VIPs and ministers from over two dozen nations, the two-day conference gathered expertise on improving the opportunities for educated citizens in North Africa, encouraging them to return to their native homelands and contribute to their national economies.

The journalists from prestigious German media reported in-depth on the event for print, radio and television.



Airtime goes Global
TV-Technology Magazine at Cannes Festival

Cannes. The weekly television technology magazine "UNDERSTANDING TOMORROW" is now being presented at the international television expo MipCom in Cannes. The Airtime Dubai production is represented by SevenOne International. "We are happy that SevenOne International signed with us", says Airtime CEO Jay Tuck. "They are not only one of the largest, but also one of the most successful TV media agencies in the world". Airtime Dubai is seeking global syndication for its weekly half-hour technology news, targeting in particular Russia, India and the Asian markets.




Congress for Corporate Communications
Tuck featured by london Speaker Bureau 

Berlin. Airtime CEO Jay Tuck was featured at the booth of London Speakers Bureau during the National Congress for Corporate Communications in Berlin. The communications chiefs of the country's leading corporations were assembled in the German capital city for two days of panels, seminars and discussions. 

Tuck is represented as consultant and expert speaker of the London Speakers Bureau, as well as by Gerson Lehman.
(click for link)

Tucks next major speaking engagement is scheduled for January at the prestigious Hamburg Wirtschaftsforum. Topic of his address will be "Science Journalism and the Mainstream Media: What is going wrong?".


TV-Special: Battery-Powered Rallye in the Alps
Heavy-Duty Test for Hybrid Technology

Rovereto. Airtime devoted a full 30-minute Segment to one of the most unusual rallyes ever held: Electric automobiles racing across the Alps. The first of its kind, this was be a quiet and clean race, where global corporations competed with geeky inventors over a 560 Kilometer route fom Munich, Germany via Innsbruck to Rovereto, Italy. The experimental cars were subjected to a rugged test, including the 2,000 meter high Jaufen Pass, racing to prove the practicability of this important new green technology. Some were racing on two-wheelers, some on three-, some on four.




Airtime Dubai broadcasts TV Special with Nobel Laureates

Lindau. When Nobel Laureates from around the world gathered for their annual meeting this year on Lake Constance, Airtime was there. A thirty-minute science special was produced for Al-Jazeera, including extensive interviews with the Nobel Prize winners on subjects ranging from global warming to the responsibilities that scientists bear for the discoveries they make. Many of the participants were questioned about the Arab world and the perspectives for its young scientists. Picture shows Nobel Laureate Prof. Rudolph A. Marcus (Nobel Prize Chemistry, 1992) with Airtime CEO Jay Tuck.

In addition to the thirty-minute program Understanding Tomorrow ( عن كثب
) on Al-Jazeera Arabic News Channel, which is broadcast a total of three times during the week, Airtime also negotiated an attractive broadcast slot on the Al-Jazeera Live Channel Mubasher. There, a discussion with Nobel Laureates on global warming was broadcast live for two hours. Mubasher repeated the broadcast in its full-length twice in the course of the day.



Jay Tuck addresses German Business Leaders

Hamburg. In early 2009, Airtime Dubai CEO & Founder Jay Tuck moderated a VIP panel at the prestigious Dubai / Hamburg Business Forum, sponsored by the Chambers of Commerce of Dubai and the City of Hamburg. Subject of his Panel of Experts where business relations between the two cities in the field of IT & Media.

In March, Mr. Tuck also appeared at the International American Society and consulted by telephone with a major Bahrain investment group. His speaking engagements in English and German are currently managed by the London Speakers Bureau, the Gerson Lehman Group and Cognolink. Recent speaking appearances have included the Axel-Springer Akademie, Chamber of Commerce Dubai, Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, Dubai Press Club, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Beirut, Goethe Institute, Hitachi, Orient Institute, Roche and the World Bank.
(Click here for London Speakers Bureau) 



Airtime launches CD "Dubai Nights"
Exclusive V.I.P. Event at Seven-Stars Hotel

Abu Dhabi. On 3 December 2008 Airtime Dubai launched its first music CD, "Dubai Nights, Volume One" in the UAE. V.I.P. guests in Abu Dhabi were treated to a world premier of the Airtime album. "Dubai Nights" was originally recorded with twelve virtuose Bedouin musicians in sound studios of the UAE. All artists performed extensive takes on traditional instruments such as Nai, Oud and Qanun. The sessions were then edited into loops and samples and re-assembled into new compositions by leading western musicians. "Dubai Nights, Volume One" has been created by Hamburg composer and musician Jürgen Spiegel. His work is familiar to audiences throughout the Arab world on Al-Jazeera, where his popular theme music for An Kathab  عن كثب is broadcast three times weekly on network television.




Music Video Shoot in the Arab Desert

UAE. While Airtime management was in country for the Abu Dhabi Event Launch, along with Jürgen Spiegel, local musicians, dancers and the technical team, it decided to fly in two top professional television camera crews from Europe. Jörn Schulz of Schulz TV and Martin Schneider-Hillen of AVM in Hamburg brought the latest high-definition camera equipment, camera cranes, steadicams, etc - and, of course, their talent, and travelled with us deep into the back deserts of the UAE in search of remote locations. We filmed for several days in the dunes with local Bedouins and wild camels. The music video is scheduled for release to the European and US media when the CD is released to these markets in June 2009.




Airtime broadcasting on Location from Games Convention

Leipzig. When teenage kids assembled in Leipzig, Germany for the 7th Annual Games Convention, Airtime Dubai was on location. Why? Because computer games are important not only to the teenage gamers who sit at computer screens all day. Computer gaming is big business. Several of Hollywood's major studios earn more revenue with games than with cinema.

Computer gaming is a billion-dollar business globally.

Top management from leading hardware manufacturers such as Intel and AMD travelled to Leipzig to see what the kids were doing - and what they needed. Fact is that the high demands of the computer game industry are a defining moment for the next generation of business laptops and computers.




Airtime Dubai Ltd. joins Arab Science Jounalists Association (ASJA)

Cairo. Airtime Dubai Ltd. is proud to announce its new membership in the Arab Science Journalists Association. The association was founded to encourage high standards of journalistic excellence in science reporting in the Arab world and to promote the exchange of ideas and information among scientists and journalists. ASJA is a member of the World Federation of Science Journalists and a partner of the National Association of Science Writers (NASW).

Airtime Dubai is honored to join this prestigious international press network and looks forward to making an important contribution.

(Link to Arab Science Journalists here)





German Television contracts Airtime Series CSI Internet
Produced with German Federal Police (BKA)

Leipzig. In this dramatic series of short reports, produced in cooperation with the German Federal Police (Bundeskriminalamt), Airtime Dubai warns of the criminal energy - and frightening creativity - of new international cyber gangs now roaming the internet. As opposed to the teenaged hackers of the past, who often erased files and damaged hardware, the new gangsters are professionals who work quietly, their invasion and theft often going unnoticed by the computer user.

Eight segments were broadcast on German Television (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR) and on Al-Jazeera.





Direct from Offshore Arabian Gulf, Qatar
Special High-Tech Energy

Qatar. Eighty kilometers off the shores of Qatar in the Arabian Gulf, Airtime Dubai filmed a special edition of its High-Tech Television News Magazine Understanding Tomorrow. The program, dedicated solely to high-tech energy subjects, was produced in the North Field Bravo drilling complex of Qatar Gas, regarded as the largest single gas reserve in the world.

Airtime CEO Jay Tuck, Producer Holger Douglas, Production Manager Steffen Sprengel and Anchor Eyad Hamideh flew by helicopter from Doha to the offshore project, accompanied by Sheikh Ahmed Jassim Al-Thani, Chief Operating Officer at QatarGas. All anchor segments, normally filmed at the German Studios in Bammental, were recorded on location at the offshore rig.




German Chancellor's Visit to Dubai
Airtime CEO addresses Business Delegation

Dubai. On her State Visit to the Middle East, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel was accompanied by Minister of Trade & Technology Michael Glos and a high-level delegation of German business leaders with interests in the Region. During their stay in Dubai, Airtime CEO Jay Tuck was asked to address the delegation and speak on the subject of Arab Media.

Mr. Tuck, shown here with Minister Glos and German Chamber of Commmerce Delegate Jürgen Friedrich, also consulted in private with members of the delegation, which included board members of several of Germany´s leading corporations.



Jay Tuck Speaker at World Bank

Hamburg. At the invitation of the World Bank, Airtime CEO Jay Tuck chaired a session on "Arab Media & The Emerging Public Sector" at the 8th German World Bank Forum in Hamburg, Germany in June 2006. The event was co-hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce and held in the historic Hamburg Rathaus. Other speakers included World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz and UAE Minister of Education H.E. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi.

Munich. At the invitation of the Chambers of Commerce of Germany and the UAE, Airtime CEO Jay Tuck also addressed delegates of the Emirates Germany Economic Partnership Forum 2006 in Munich, Germany. This prestigious event included exhibits from over 50 corporate and government institutions in the two countries.




Airtime signs Sony

Dubai. Sony Middle East has chosen the multi-million-dollar cinema film "Seven Seasons" to demonstrate the  high-quality of its Entertainment Products. Under the leadership of Airtime Dubai, a contract was negotiated between Gogol Lobmayr Production Company and Sony which permits excerpts of the film being shown in showrooms throughout the GCC Region and in Iran.

Prize-winning German film producer Gogol Lobmayr chose Airtime Dubai Ltd to represent its interests internationally for the sponsorship of "Seven Seasons". Prize-winning cinematographer Lobmayr filmed this spectacular nature production in the bleak polar darkness of the Arctic, in the steamy rain forests of Asia and in the breath-taking cherry blossom fields of Japan. The production was filmed in high-grade Super 35mm film with optical resolution reaching 6000 x 3000 pixels.




Airtime Dubai joins Middle East Broadcasters (MEB)

Beirut. In December 2005, Airtime Dubai attended the Middle East Broadcasters conference in Beirut, a major conference forum and exhibition for Arabic broadcasters of the Region.

"We joined the MEB at first opportunity," says Airtime CEO Jay Tuck. "We feel there is a deep need for journalistic and commercial cooperation among broadcasters in the MENA Region. Perhaps we can help build a lobby for stronger and more accurate marketing data on our common target audiences." Tuck is shown here with MEB President Ahmed Al Maaz.